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Posted on July 15, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Today we boarded Castleford Airways and caught the Milkwood Airbus to Ibiza!
We created a cabin in Wye Lounge and used the TV to display a take off, flying and landing simulation for people to experience a flight to Ibiza, all from the comfort of our home!
People who boarded the CF212707 flight to Ibiza at 13:30 today have presented their boarding passes and were shown to their allocated seat by our glamorous Air Hostesses. Once seated people were encouraged to read their ‘Safety On Board’ sheet and pay attention to the safety demonstration. There was also an in-flight menu to choose from a variety of drinks and food, creating a realistic flying experience!
Once we landed we asked our passengers what they thought of their journey today. One said: “I love flying, it’s been lovely to do it again”. Another also appeared to enjoy her flight today and even managed create her own safety demonstration, which was brilliant! Our plane enthusiast, has laughed nonstop! We are happy that we were able to provide this for him to experience, as he has always been a very keen flyer.

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