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Castleford Memory Garden

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

On April 25th, we officially opened our Castleford House Memorial Garden. The idea was initially created by the daughter of the departed Harold James, who purchased a flower for us to plant in his memory. Since then, when people that we have cared for pass away, we ask the family to consider a flower that we could plant for them.

As well as flower for Harold, we planted a flower for Maud Boyd and now, the collection is really growing, as we have planted a flower each for Biddie and Eddie Redwood.

Biddie and Eddie’s family also very kindly purchased a bird bath to decorate the garden and we also bought a bench in memory of Dennis Brady, father to our own care assistant, Kim Brady. It’s so lovely that people have somewhere to sit to reminisce or just enjoy the beautiful scenery in our gardens.

Maybe this is something to consider for the future for your loved one? – if they were to pass away, would they like a flower planted in our garden and, if so, which one? We would happily arrange a memorial service for your loved one here, if you wished to have one.

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