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Check out our cooking club!

Posted on April 12, 2024 by Milkwood Admin

It appears we’ve established a cooking club here at the Mountains! Recently, we enlisted the residents’ help in peeling and chopping vegetables for our warm vegetable soup, and then crushing and mixing ingredients for this week’s chocolate tiffin. The ladies are always eager to lend a hand, and it was delightful to see Vince and Tom join in too! Here we have Rosa, Maggie, June, Pam, Vince, Vincent, Tom, Margaret, and the very cheeky Marjorie, caught in the act of licking the spoon! We’ve been actively engaging the residents in baking, cooking, and, of course, indulging in the delicious results. Our homemade soups have been a hit, with residents eagerly peeling, chopping, and experimenting with flavours for our supper. They relish the opportunity to participate in household tasks and contribute to meal preparation. In addition to soups, we’ve toasted marshmallows, made rocky road, and whipped up some delicious fruit smoothies, much to everyone’s delight!

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