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Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

We send congratulations to Louise and Maggie at Chatterwood, as they have both spent approximately 10 months studying for and passing exams. Both of them admit it has been hard work and studying for their qualifications has taken up many hours of their time. Maggie and Louise are very grateful that Milkwood Care sponsored them to take their exams and that they demonstrate full support to all their staff.

Louise achieved Level 2 Team Leadership and it should be a good footing for her to move forwards in her career as a senior carer. Maggie achieved NAPA 3 Activity Leader, which is the top level, and Maggie would like to thank everyone that played a part in assisting in the numerous videos she had to make. Both Louise and Maggie were presented with a bottle of champagne and a voucher from Di, the manager at Chatterwood, on behalf of Janet, Robin and Grant, as recognition for their achievements. Louise and Maggie want to thank the Milkwood management team for their support and acknowledgement of their success.

Whilst we are congratulating, we would all like to wish Ellie, who has just passed her driving test, ‘happy motoring’ in her new car.

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