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Family Fortunes Makes a Comeback at Ganarew

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

Residents at Ganarew have been teaming up and getting involved a game of ‘Family Fortunes’. Last week staff at Ganarew were watching old episodes of the game show in their spare time to swot up on the rules! Residents who fancied joining in were split into ‘families’ and competed against each other. The game created plenty of banter amongst the residents and staff, some of whom were more competitive than others! After all, they were playing for a much sought after big tub of chocolate! Manager Sylvia was on the winning team and I am assured that there was no game fixing involved! We are always trying to think up and introduce activities to our residents that they are able to relate to; with Family Fortunes having been broadcast for many years it is something that we thought may spark a few memories. Overall the game was a real hit and proved popular amongst our residents who have requested a rematch later in the year!

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