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Family & friends afternoon at Chatterwood

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

On Friday 12th February we had a ‘family & friends’ afternoon. We opted for this theme to replace the usual annual Valentine’s Day celebrations, as so many of the people living at Chatterwood no longer have a husband or wife. The afternoon started with Mike, a regular entertainer at Chatterwood, playing the guitar and singing some love songs and songs from the 60s, whilst his dog Katie laid down beside him and went to sleep, as much to say “heard it all before”. The residents really enjoyed listening to Mike and he always makes time to go around before and after he sings to chat with them all. Peter’s wife Christine, Ray’s wife Janis and Neil’s wife Rosemary came and joined their husbands for the afternoon. Dennis’s son Richard and his wife Caroline came and Jane, May’s niece joined us. It was an enjoyable afternoon with everyone singing along to the music. It was a pleasure to see the people who live at Chatterwood spending time with their loved ones. The afternoon ended with a nice cup of tea and an assortment of fancy cakes.

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