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Feathery Friends

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

Applewood took delivery of seven eggs before Easter, but not of the chocolate variety! A local farm delivered them to the home to keep in incubation. The chicks were due to hatch on 9th April but only four arrived on their due date. The residents are loving the company of the new arrivals, which we have to admit, do look rather cute. With a yellow, brown stripe and two black chicks there is certainly some variety. The residents and staff have been having great fun in guessing the sex, which cannot be determind for a few weeks yet. With the help of local building contractor, Leadbitter Group, Applewood are now going to be able to keep the chicks in permanent residence with the imminent arrival of a newly built chicken coop. Everyone is overjoyed that the chicks are able to stay having shared their arrival and becoming gradually more attached to the feathery friends as they hop around and cheep. Obviously for neighbourly purposes, the home will only be keeping the less noisy girls as to not awake the local community at dawn every morning! The good news though, is that the farm will exchange the males for females as soon as we discover what they are. The chicks will be able to stretch their legs at four weeks old when they will be transferred to their new home in the garden.

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