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Funky Fest

Posted on November 28, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Today we had our own “60s Funky Fest At Castleford”! We turned back time and had a groovy Sunday afternoon! We transformed Severn lounge into a 60s psychedelic paradise, with tie dye and flower power! We stuck to the era with our food and drink and indulged on tie dye cupcakes, cream soda, spam and cheese and pineapple sticks! One of our gents loved the food we had and said: “I remember taking it to work in sandwiches back in the 60s, I love it just as much as I did then!” With our flower head bands, peace sign medallions and John Lennon glasses we sang and danced the afternoon away listening to The Beatles. One resident told us: “I’ve had the best afternoon, with out a doubt”. She loved the music so much and when we asked why she said: “I used to put The Beatles on my record player every night when I lived at home, it takes me back to such happy memories.” After the success our Inking and Drinking event, we decided to get some groovy temporary tattoos today! People who got inked up have absolutely loved them! One of our residents was over the moon with her temporary tatt and laughed whilst saying: “that’s posh, isn’t it?” Another joined Amelia with the funky fashion and they wore matching outfits! She was so grateful for her trousers and loved them! We asked if she had a good time and she told us: “I’ve had the best afternoon with Linda and my friends, thank you so much for inviting me!”

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