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Happy St.David’s Day!

Posted on March 1, 2023 by Glenn Alexander

It’s 1st March and so today, especially in our homes located in Wales, we’ll be celebrating and honouring the patron saint of Wales!

We’ve been studying the history books and finding out what there is to know about St.David and learn about how special his deeds were – here are 3 interesting things we read about:

1 – Legend has it that St. David was born in a storm on a Pembrokeshire clifftop in the year 500. Today, you can find the ruins of Non’s Chapel there on that spot, named after his mother, St Non. There is a holy well, which many people claim has special healing powers and this lies nearby.

2 Taught by Paulinus, St. David is said to have restored his teacher’s sight.

3 There’s a story that tells how St David addressed a congregation in a field in Llanddewi Brefi. The people standing at the back said they could not hear what he was saying and as if by magic the ground beneath him rose and he was visible and audible for everyone to see and hear.

Happy St. David’s Day everyone!

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