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Harry Potter Party

Posted on October 30, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Today, we hosted our annual Halloween party. This year we went for a Harry Potter theme!
Some of the Witches and Wizards of Castleford have joined together for Butter Beers, Aunt Petunias cake and some magic lessons! We have transformed Severn Lounge into a magical Harry Potter world!
Creating the perfect atmosphere with decorations and the famous theme tune as people Slytherin’d to the party! We have learnt some spells this afternoon, which our residents really enjoyed. She made the spell her own by casting “wingardium tapioca!” and, magically, the cup started moving!
We asked some of our Hogwarts professors what they thought of the afternoon. One resident, who cast some magic today, said: “I’ve had a wonderful afternoon, every party that you hold is full of imagination!” We also asked another, who rightfully said: “you’re never too old for Harry Potter! I absolutely love it!”
We ALWAYS have fun, never too Sirius!

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