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Milkwood Care Buck the Trend Trend & Reinvest as other Care Providers Cut Costs

Posted on December 11, 2013 by Milkwood Admin

Occupancy rates in care homes has dropped significantly over the past few years, with results now in to confirm that they are at an all time low of under 90%.

Lower fees across the board posed by local authorities constantly looking to make cuts in their care budgets is exerting significant pressure on operators. At this time of decreased margins, we are also seeing an increase in demands for quality of care and improved facilities. With care homes moving away from being an alternative form of housing for frail older people towards a location of last resort for individuals with high support needs near the end of their life, profitability is certainly become more difficult to maintain.

Although many operators are struggling and some disintegrating under these pressures, Milkwood Care continue to battle on all fronts in order to continue to provide excellence in care and invest money back into the homes, all of which benefit the people of are at the centre of this, our residents.

Over the past 12 months, Milkwood have invested much of their hard earned profit back into the homes by way of:

➢ Refurbishments to three of the homes with more on the cards for 2014
➢ Improvements to alarm systems and lighting levels
➢ Creation of new comfort zones – bars/themed dining areas
➢ New corporate uniforms for all staff members
➢ An increased number of fleet vehicles
➢ Readily replacing carpets and soft furnishings to minimize odour
➢ Activities for the residents to enjoy

During these times of low occupancy rates, many other homes have been forced to close or stop injecting cash for maintenance and improvements to the fabric of buildings and for the development of training and care provided for residents. Milkwood Care has continued to reinvest in their homes and staff teams to keep the quality and excellence in the care that we provide. Our plan is to continue to develop and ride the crest of the wave in order to provide our ageing population outstanding care in beautiful surroundings.

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