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Meet Blodwen – A resident at The Mountains

Posted on April 12, 2018 by Milkwood Admin

Written by Hannah and Blodwen’s family

Blodwen Jenkins Blodwen was born in March 1923 which makes her 95 this year! Blodwen lived in Aberaman then moved to Cwmdare with her husband David. She worked for Hitachi in a factory in Hirwaun.

She then went on to have her children, Anne, Gillian and David, with her husband. She also cleaned in a few pubs (The Penlan & The Ton) around Aberdare, where she lived.

Blodwen went on a few holidays in her time and a memorable one was in Montreal where her grandson lived; she went to Quebec City and Toronto and visited Niagara Falls. She also went to the Rest Hotel in Porthcawl for a fortnight every Christmas and New Year. Blodwen went on many trips with some friends from St Mairs to places like Weymouth and Bournemouth.

Here at the Mountains, Blodwen loves a chat about the good old days over a cup of tea and some biscuits. She always looks forward to seeing her visitors, who come very often. She has her hair done regularly by the hairdresser Lyn. Blodwen likes it done in a specific way and will let the hairdresser know if her hair isn’t done quite the way she likes it.

Blodwen is a credit to the Mountains and brightens up the home with her smile!

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