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Milkwood Garden Party

Posted on June 8, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Today we have held a ‘Milkwood Garden Party’ and invited our sister homes to join us: Mynyddoedd Mountains and The Lodge have come to our Hawaiian themed garden party!
Our residents have been joined by some of the residents from The Lodge and Archie and Craig from The Mountains!
We have spent the afternoon in the sensory garden and enjoyed a fantastic spread provided by our head chef, Řøbż İåň and kitchen assistant Jack Bethell, which has gone down a treat.
It’s been lovely to connect with other homes in the company and meet new people! Of course, all whilst socially distanced and safe!
We asked one of our residents what he thought of the afternoon, to which he said: “it’s been lovely. I have loved sitting outside in the garden”. Another agreed with and added: “the pudding was smashing as is the weather!”.

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