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Milkwood House Resident Poets Set to Work

Posted on April 1, 2015 by Milkwood Admin

A group of budding poets at Milkwood House have been busy creating their first creative ensemble of the year. The focus for this piece was all the thoughts and feelings of Spring. Our residents very much enjoy their time spent with staff in this positive way and we endeavour to spend as much quality time with our wonderful residents as the paper work will allow!


How We See Our Spring!

Primroses, Crocus
A cuckoo calling
This is our Spring


Mowing the lawn
Spring cleaning
Smell of rabbits cooking
Is our Spring


Boys shouting with their footballs
Gnats biting
Nettles and Wasps stinging
Hornets – Oh!
Skin itching
Is our Spring


Blue Sky
Children with Easter Eggs
Lambs Gambol
Thrushes sing
Picnics in the Bluebell Wood
First of the ice-cream
This is our Spring

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