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Olympics at Castleford

Posted on August 4, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

To join in with the current Tokyo Olympics, we have held our very own event! Our competing events were; Fiona’s Frisbee Throw, Ann and April’s Axe Throw, Betty’s Bowling, Drucilla and Dereks Darts, Lens Limbo and Colleen And Clives Cone Jumps! Everyone who joined in competed brilliantly and were given trophies and medals to award their excellent participation and for being true team players! The limbo proved to be a challenge, but our resident managed to find the perfect solution, which you can see in her video on our Facebook page! The Olympics are as much about peace and friendship and the torch relay represents this, which we replicated today by passing our torch around the home. One resident has shown us a very competitive side of her, which was brilliant. She said: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and like to think I was very good too!”. Another also participated and added: “I’ve had so much fun, thank you arranging this!”.

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