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Remember, Remember, The 5th of November

Posted on November 5, 2020 by Milkwood Admin

We all grew up either having fireworks in our back yards and gardens or going to a firework display. Everyone of a certain generation remembers making a guy out of old clothes and stuffing it with paper so it could be thrown on the bonfire.
Some of us remember dressing ourselves up as guys and sitting on pavements to get money given to us. However, those days have gone as it would not be allowed and in this current climate it is also very dangerous. One of our residents still likes to recall when he made guys for himself, and later on for his nieces and nephews, and he was determined he was going to make another guy this year. So, with the help of staff and other residents, he stuffed some tracksuit bottoms with old towels and used empty pop bottles for the bottom of his legs. He put a shirt on the guy, with cricket bats as his arms and a cushion as his chest. The guy’s head was a rubber ball with a stocking covering it and he drew some eyes on. The resident then put some braces on his trousers and a cap on his head. The guy looked amazing and we decided to call him Charlie. The resident put Charlie next to him and they enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a chat.
Obviously, Charlie was wearing a face mask!

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