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Remembrance Sunday

Posted on November 14, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

To commemorate Remembrance Sunday we visited Chepstow to watch the Remembrance Day 2021 Parade and stayed out for brunch! Some of the residents showed interest in paying their respect for Remembrance Sunday, so we have headed into town, where we watched the parade march through the town centre. We have seen soldiers, veterans and local children come together to remember those we lost in the war. They loved getting out into the community and enjoyed watching the parade. One resident told us: “it’s lovely out here, I’ve even seen one of my neighbours who I haven’t seen for ages!” Before heading home we stopped off at Wetherspoons for brunch! Our resident enjoyed a full English breakfast wrap and eggs Benedict! One said: “I haven’t had it for years, it was lovely. Thank you!”

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