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Return to Raglan Farm

Posted on October 18, 2023 by Milkwood Admin

 Our recent visit to Raglan Farm Park proved so successful and rewarding that we decided to make a return visit with more residents from our home. As you can see from the pictures, both Sheilagh and Joan really enjoyed feeding carrots to the animals and were delighted to see the baby donkeys, goats, and even an Emu chick. Joan was very confident in feeding the animals at the farm and was not worried by the rather enthusiastic response she received when she produced the bag of carrots! She told them, ‘Now wait your turn’, which of course they did! Joan and Sheilagh fed most of the animals inside and outside the farm as the weather stayed dry. It was nice to spend time outside on the farm, taking in all the sights and smells of the countryside, many of which Sheilagh could identify with, coming from a farming background. Once again, the staff made us feel very welcome, and we thank them for their continued efforts in helping to make our visit so pleasant. After our visit, we headed to the cafe for a nice pot of tea and Welsh cake, which we all really enjoyed. A perfect end to our trip to Raglan Farm Park. 

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