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Roll on Spring

Posted on March 5, 2016 by Milkwood Admin

In the last issue, we talked about how we believe that music can be the key to unlocking good memories from the past. Since then, we have introduced some special musical events that we thought would enrich the lives of our residents, especially when it’s a tad too chilly for most to venture outdoors. Photos of which will be in the next edition. Residents and staff enjoyed several Name That Tune and Sing-and-Dance along events in Ganarew, and Musical Bingo and Zumba dancing were popular activities at Applewood. Many participated in numerous music-based discussions and questionnaires. At Castleford, our residents voted their favourite music to be The Beatles, Elvis, Sir Cliff and musicals. At Chatterwood, residents compiled a list of their favourite music from their childhood and these special tunes have been resounding throughout the home regularly. When we heard about Percussion Play, a Petersfield based manufacturer of percussion instruments which are hand-made, designed to be played outdoors and are sculpturally beautiful we had to have one! So we had a competition between the homes asking them to justify why they would be the most worthy recipient of such an instrument. The positive response to the competition across our homes to win the instrument, was so overwhelming, we have decided to increase the number we have initially commissioned. So, we are really excited that the first set of instruments; drums and xylophones, will be installed into four of our homes, early in the Spring. Playing music helps to improve concentration, reduces tension and promotes relaxation. To be able to do it outdoors, in the fresh air surrounded by flowers and greenery will be a really pleasurable experience for residents. Our gardens really will be alive with the sound of music!


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