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Scone Tasting!

Posted on November 20, 2020 by Milkwood Admin

After much debating over the years, we decided to hold a “Scone-Off” at Castleford to settle the ongoing dilemma of which is the best way to eat a scone.
The choices were… Cornish – jam first then cream, or Devon cream first then jam. To mix it up a bit, we decided to throw a third way – and that was butter, jam and cream. We called this the Castleford way. We all tasted a bit of each scone, taking time to savour the loveliness of each scone. It was a very delicious way to spend the afternoon. When all scones had been consumed and we had discussed the taste of each one, we declared the winner which was absolutely no-one as the scones all tasted exactly the same – delicious! It was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all who had taken part. And although we didn’t answer the question of which way to eat a scone was better, we definitely had lots of fun trying.

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