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Spring Is In The Air

Posted on March 16, 2023 by Milkwood Admin

Residents at The Orchard welcomed the opportunity to see the new spring lambs born earlier this year. We are lucky to be able to see the lambs from our windows, as we are surrounded by beautiful countryside. So when we asked the farmer if it would be possible for some of the lambs to pay us a visit at the home, we were delighted when he said yes! True to his word, on Sunday morning he brought two little lambs to see us and they were absolutely gorgeous. Residents were thrilled to see and hold them, although, being spring lambs they were full of life and quite jumpy. As you can see from the photos, Alex managed to hold on to them, so that residents could give them a fuss, before they were returned back to their field. It really was a lovely surprise visit and very kind of the farmer to think of us here at The Orchard. We look forward to seeing the lambs enjoying the spring grass and continuing to have lots of fun in the fields surrounding our home.

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