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Still great at 88

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

May Smart recently celebrated her 88th birthday at Chatterwood. It started with May having her hair done before her great niece, Jane, arrived with a card and flowers. They then spent most of the morning chatting and laughing together. May’s nephew, Melvyn, and her niece, Margaret, with their respective partners, Sylvie and Bob, visited to enjoy a lovely lunch with May, where they shared a bottle of red wine, as well as plenty of laughter.


After lunch, May, her family and all the other residents and their relatives at Chatterwood, were entertained by Tea for Two. Tea for Two are a fantastic act who sing, dance and play an array of instruments such as the drum and violin, all of which involves our residents.


May had a fantastic celebratory day which ended with a tasty birthday cake that Sylvie had bought. Everyone at Chatterwood sang happy birthday to May and cheered many ‘hip hip hoorays’.



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