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The Castleford Bake Off

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Milkwood Admin

Ken and Carolyn, with many years of cake-consuming experience, were the judges of each member of staff’s cake making abilities.

The competition ran over 5 weeks, starting on August 10th and was judged on a Wednesday afternoon.

The competition rules were that each member of staff backed a cake of their choice. All staff and clients tasted and scored each cake. At the end of the 5 week competition, the judges will decide on who has baked the ‘best tasting and well presented’ cake.

There is a prize for the WINNER and extra toilet cleaning duties for the losers!

Overall winner to be chosen imminently.

Week 1)  Monday 10th – Alexandra Burtan

Wednesday 12- Bradley Evans 

Week 2)  Monday 17th – Roxanna Biba

Wednesday 19th – Leanne Wicks

Week 3)  Monday 24th Night – Rodica Onofrei 

Monday 24th – Tina Rod

Week 4) Tuesday 1st September – Rachael Harding

Wednesday 2nd – Ellen Shepphard

Week 5) Monday 7th – Rowan Morgan 

Tuesday 8th – Ruth Clarke 

Kay and Carolyn were excluded from participating as they were
judging the competition.


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