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The Smoothie Corner

Posted on July 23, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

As the UK experiences a mini heatwave we have been trying to find creative and new ways to keep people hydrated. This week we chose to open a Smoothie Corner and create cold, fresh drinks for people to enjoy in the heat.
We asked people their favourite fruits and created a menu based on their preferences. Our menu featured: Krazy Kiwi, Berry Blast, Peach Passion and Banana Bomb! All of the smoothies were blended with ice to provide a cool and refreshing beverage!
Both our gentleman opted for the ‘Banana Bomb’ and appear to have really enjoyed their drinks. Both ladies agreed they were “beautiful”. One chose the ‘Berry Blast’ and said: “it’s nice to have a cold, refreshing drink. Thank you so much girls!

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