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Posted on February 1, 2015 by Milkwood Admin

With modern technology literally at our fingertips, Milkwood have introduced the easy to use tablets into the homes. WIth email and social media sites seemingly the only way to contact the modern world, it seems only right that our residents also have the opportunity. Our activities co-ordinator, thought residents at Milkwood House would benefit from being able to instantly share photos and use differnt apps on the Ipad for the following benefits:

• keeping active and busy

• socialising with other residents and sharing games, reading, internet searches

• communication- a new means of communication for those who can’t express themselves in the way they desire

• Mobility through Apps which encourage residents to follow natural routines

• Reminiscence through music, book apps and photos

There are endless possibilities!

In short, iPads are believed to help improve motor skills, provide memory

stimulation and cognitive function and create a positive impact on the social interaction of those with or without Dementia in a care home setting.

Noddy on the Ipad

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