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Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

Twiddlemuffs/sensory mitts are knitted bands made from chunky wool or any pieces of material to produce muffs which have different textures. Attached to these on the outside and inside are items such as buttons of various shapes and sizes, ribbons, bells, zips and beads which can help stimulate the senses of dementia patients. We have found in our client group that the muffs can be very calming to residents who are restless and like having something to hold. This in turn can reduce agitation or anxiety and helps increase hand flexibility. It has also been noticed that it can help to create conversation between residents as they chat about the colours, shapes of buttons, etc. Twiddlemuffs can also be made into animals e.g. cats, dogs which residents then name and treat like they would have treated their own pet.

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