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Viva La Castleford

Posted on November 23, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Over the weekend one of our residents expressed that she wants to go to Spain on holiday with her friends. So today we brought Spain to Castleford! This afternoon we have had our very first Fiesta! We decorated Severn lounge with balloons and bunting, we served some traditional Spanish food and, of course, what Spanish party would be complete without Sangria! She was over the moon with the sangria, with it being one of her favourite drinks. She said: “a taste of Spain! It’s like I’m there!” We continued the Spanish celebrations with some flamenco dancing and a piñata! People who joined the party had a go at hitting the piñata down and we’ve all had a dance and a sing whilst sipping Sangria! There has been a lot of laughter this afternoon and the party appears to have been a huge success! Another resident said: “the sangria is beautiful! And so is the atmosphere!” Another resident, who prefers to stay in her room, still managed to be involved as we made sure we took the party up to her and she thought it was “fantastic.” We have played music in her room and taken some props up. She told us: “well what a surprise! Who doesn’t want to party on a Tuesday!”

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