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We Are Fully Vaccinated

Posted on April 16, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Today we have been very fortunate and the majority of people living at Castleford House received their second dose of the COVID vaccine this afternoon.

Similar to the first dose, we did not get a lot of warning that this would happen (approximately five hours) but we have been prepared for this monumental event for weeks and were ready and raring to go. Everything ran smoothly, as expected.

Castleford House and the team fully supports the COVID vaccination program and accepts that this is the best way for everyone to move forward towards a “new normal”.

A massive thank you to Dr Naik and the team at Vauxhall Surgery for their support and coming out to administer the vaccine to everyone.

The majority of staff have also received their second dose of the vaccine, something that we are extremely proud of, and we hope that this is one step closer to a COVID-safe environment and future.

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