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Castleford Boutique

Posted on September 28, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

Today, we opened up our own ‘Castleford Boutique’ for some of the ladies to enjoy a shopping experience in their own home! We have had a selection of ladies underwear, nightwear and clothing kindly donated by Margaux Lambert. We have also had a wonderful selection of handmade children’s clothes from Sylvia Pugh. One of our residents has absolutely love her shopping afternoon and has also looked after our therapy baby and picked out some clothes for her! She said the clothes and the baby were “absolutely gorgeous”. Some of our other ladies have visited the shop and had complimentary Rose Champagne on arrival! Another resident chose 3 new tops today and made a toast to the afternoon. She thought her clothes were “beautiful” and said: “this is an incredibly kind gesture, thank you so much”. Two of our other ladies’ have also shopped until they dropped and both chose a new outfit whilst indulging on complimentary chocolate. We have all had a lovely afternoon and enjoyed a stress-free shopping experience. One said: “I much prefer shopping here, without all the crowds of people!”

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