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Posted on July 11, 2021 by Milkwood Admin

This afternoon we learned that most people have a wild side and we wanted to explore that! We also wanted to try something very different so we opened our own ‘Castleford Tattoo Parlour’
People have visited the parlour, set up in the Severn Lounge, to receive temporary tattoos of their choice! We did this whilst enjoying a cold Corona beer, the only Corona we allow in this home!
We used tattoo machine sound effects and rock and roll music to create a rebellious atmosphere, which everyone appear to have loved!
We asked people who visited the parlour what they thought of their experience today. One resident, who chose a beautiful rose tattoo, was over the moon! She said: “it’s lovely, I absolutely love it!” We even managed to record some of her reaction because she was so happy with the result! Another resident who often admires people’s tattoos, has opted for a floral design and told us: “I’ve always wanted one and today I’ve got one!”, She then proudly showed it to other people in the room!

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