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Music to our Ears

Posted on June 6, 2014 by Milkwood Admin

Noddy, 62 from Midhurst, moved into Milkwood House Care Home about three months ago.
A keen musician, Noddy has his own guitar and often plays in his room or for others.
Sometimes he momentarily forgets the chords and remembers some of the songs but can’t always finish them.
He always says that he would love to play the drums and he likes to tap on the table or his knee when he is listening to music. Having seen the enjoyment that Noddy gets from playing his instruments, our activities
co-ordinator, Elsa, arranged for him to have a jamming session with a local musician. He said it was his dream to be able to play the drums and play like Keith Moon from The Who and he was literally over the moon afterwards! Sean is going to come in and give regular lessons/jamming sessions with Noddy. Sean teaches guitar and drums to children and teenagers normally but has really enjoyed jamming and chatting to Noddy. Other residents have been enjoying listening to them play and also it gives him and others opportunities to reminisce.Noddy drumming

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