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The Milkwood Olympics

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Milkwood Admin

Monica is a glass half full sort of person, always positive and cheerful. Maybe this is why she is able to write such thoughtful and Reflective poems. Monica has been writing since she was four years old.  Documenting her life in verse. She has had two books published containing her life’s work. This poem is a great example of her great observation and wit. THE MILKWOOD OLYMPICS is relaying Monica’s view of nature from her window.


Forget London.
Cancel your airline to Rio.
Forget your British teams.
Here at Milkwood you may
witness an Olympics
surpassing all your dreams.


The stadium is beautiful,
and carpeted with grass,
and the apparatus simple
but apt for special skills.
Bird Table and Top of Hedge
provide all that’s required
to produce amazing thrills.


Usa in, resign your crown !
9.5 seconds? Here it’s done in five.
And Max, so proud to claim
gold medal for floor,
And silver for pommel horse,
your reputation here
would not for long survive.


And Beth, the athletes here
tackle uneven bars
and equally the beam
with leaps into the air
and contortions of limbs
of which you could not dream.


Morally to, these athletes
are in some ways superior
more humble, you might say.
They do not crave for fame
or millions of dollars.
They all perform for fun
claiming just nuts – and nuts –
and more nuts as their
reward each day.


There is however, sadly,
also a moral downside.
They are rapacious thieves
guzzling up all the food
set out for others,
while gentle tits and robins
can only dart in furtively,
picking up a few seeds
and returning swiftly
to find their leafy cover,
cheated of basic needs.


However, you can’t have
everything in life,
so clearly you must just
accept that what you see
is something quite spectacular,
and is, moreover, free!


– Monica, resident at Milkwood House

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