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The Mountains – Christmas parties.

Posted on January 8, 2016 by Milkwood Admin

The Christmas parties were separated into 2 days this year (10th and 12th December). Residents joined their families for a 3 course meal to celebrate Christmas. The meal was for families to have the “Christmas day feel” so they could be together and enjoy themselves being waited on hand and foot by our staff who were dressed as waitresses and waiters. Our manager Stephanie myles- diggle was head waitress. The families had intimate tables so they could sit together and all were beautifully decorated. Staff took there menu orders and served wine. Afterwards entertainment was booked on both days. Carol Rees Jones performed on the Thursday party#1 and Mr Paul performed on the Saturday party#2. They performed a selection of Christmas songs and old time favourite hits! We had cakes stalls and party games for all to enjoy, like guess the weight of the Christmas cake and name the teddy. Christmas raffle tickets were sold for our Christmas raffle which will be held on the 23rd December. The children who attended all got a selection box from our manger Stephanie at the end of the evening. On the Saturday after the party, we were joined by the local community of Libanus to host the Christmas tree light switch on outside of the nursing home. The community joined us inside for mince pies and mulled wine and we all sang Christmas carols together which was very festive.

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