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Three Peaks of Abergavenny walk

Posted on December 3, 2018 by Milkwood Admin

Written by Ben Miller

The Three Peaks of Abergavenny fundraising event was something that we had planned for several months but had never quite got around to organising. When we finally cemented the date (14th October), we had no idea that we were going to be scuppered by Storm Callum, which flooded most of the areas we were going to walk across. We were very fortunate that we could reschedule for the following weekend, October 21st, with most of our original team intact, and this time the weather was absolutely glorious.

“Team Castleford” had the aim of climbing Skirrid, Sugar Loaf and Blorenge. Consisting of staff members: Ben Miller, Seb Blanchard, Beth Blanchard, Anna Mason, Denise Lennett, Allison Tingle, Pauline Thomas (Sugar Loaf), Alexis Edwards (Sugar Loaf); ex staff member: Keira Davies; relatives of a resident: Eleanor and Esther and staff members families: Amanda Counsell, Jade Mason, Mark Lennett, Harry Edwards (Sugar Loaf), Steve Morgan (Sugar Loaf) and Jess the dog (Sugar Loaf). Starting out at 7.50am, we finished impressively eight hours and fifteen minutes later, after covering approximately 13 miles worth of mountainous terrain. People felt sick, there were injured knees, we had moments of panic atop Sugar Loaf when people couldn’t light their cigarettes because of the wind, there was awful traffic in between Sugar Loaf and Blorenge that nearly caused horrendous road rage, but ultimately we completed the three peaks as a team and we all felt amazing for finishing it – sore and swearing that we would never attempt anything like this again, but amazing nonetheless.

We are still counting the sponsor money that we have raised – I cannot thank everyone enough for their kind donations and sponsors. We are able to purchase the Tovertafel because of the money raised from this venture, which is absolutely incredible. We will say more about it in the coming days and weeks, but for now we’re still taking ice baths and limping around, aching from our exertions.

I’m so incredibly proud of everybody. Not just because of the effort that was put into the walk itself but the little things that happened before it, such the arranging the logistics, sorting out dates, collecting sponsors, prepping food and drink, cooking bacon/sausage sandwiches for everyone the morning of the walk and everything else that made the day what it was. 

With the Tovertafel purchased, the home will be taking a break from fundraising events for the next several months in order to concentrate alot more on things within the home. There will be more to come in the future, but for now we just want to focus on enjoying the Tovertafel, when it comes, so we can appreciate the item that we all worked so hard to get to Castleford House.

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